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Ningbo Kemer Engineering Machinery Co.,Ltd (loacated in Ningbo city, Zhejiang province) is a professional enterprise devoted in researching, developing and manufacturing of crawler steel and rubber crawler undercarriage . Since its foundation, the company always keep the policy of "Persuing advanced technology, Creating top quality", Insisting technology innovation and Meeting social needs increase production variaty , develop high quality products, besides, we put customer’s quality requirements, price and delivery time on our top concern , thus our products are widely welcomed by customers in China and abroad.Till today we have exported to India, Korea,South Africa, Australia,Swiss,Germany,Russia,Middle east and UK etc.

In China, we are real one of the few manufacturer of track undercarriage system. We focus on R & D and manufacturing of crawler undercarriage system for engineering machinery long time. With the rich experience in the field of crawler undercarriage and hydraulic control system, we can supply a lot of kind of crawler undercarriage which have special capacity, size and application.

Today we make two types of track undercarriages: steel and rubber. The steel track undercarriage capacity ranges from 2 ton to 60 ton, and the rubber from 1 ton to 10 ton. Based on different requirments, we also can customize like special width for track shoe, length for undercarriage,width for track , or components of the undercarriage etc.


Application------Our track undercarriages are widely applied on the following machines with high efficiency

and adaption of vile working condition:

Drilling machine: Anchor drilling rig, water well drilling rig,, core drilling rig, Jet drilling rig, down-hole

drilling rig, hydraulic crawler drilling rig,, forpoling rig, multipurpose drilling rig, no-dig drilling rig, etc.

Construction machinery machine: mini excavator, mini pilling machine, Aerial work platform, Small

transport loading equipment, etc.

Coaling machine: slag-raking machine, tunnel drilling rig, hydraulic drilling machine,, rock loader, etc

Mining machine: mobile crusher, heading machine, conveying equipment, etc.

Agriculture machine: Sugar cane harvester, lawn mower, compost turner, ditching machine, etc



Company Profile