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How to change gear oil for traveling gear box

How to change oil in travel motor gearbox
There are three screw plugs at the end of the gearbox, two of which are located on the horizontal line in the center of the gearbox, which are called oil level ports, and the other is located above the oil level port, which is called oil adding and drain port. Take our company's 4.5-ton commonly used walking motor as an example, see figure
The gear box is composed of multiple sets of gears. The gears are in frequent contact with the gears. In order to reduce the friction and wear between the gears, the gear oil that meets the requirements must be replaced regularly. Changing the gear oil is divided into two steps
1. drain the oil. For safety reasons, you must wait for the gear oil to cool down completely (otherwise there will be a risk of scalding), unscrew the screw plug located under the gear box, drain all the internal gear oil, and flush the internal deposits, metal particles and residual gear oil with new gear oil. For environmental protection, pay attention to handle the replacement gear oil.
Add oil 2., unscrew the plug of the oil filling and drain port, align the oil port to fill the gear oil that meets the requirements, and observe the oil level port while adding oil until the oil level port overflows and the entire oil change is completed.

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