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3.8 Most Beautiful Goddess Festival

March, a day with strong spring, March, belongs to the goddess of the day. In the warm and cold, the sun is shining day by day. In the busy and hard work, the goddesses also ushered in their own annual festival.

We organize activities such as the "March 8th" Goddess Festival every year, hoping that every employee can feel the warmth of home at work. On the day of the Goddess Festival in 2021, the company carefully selected "sexy" lipstick, "virtuous" laundry detergent and "sonorous" roses to all the goddesses who insist on being on duty, and gave all the goddesses of the company half a day's paid vacation! While thanking them for their hard work, I also wish all the goddesses young and beautiful forever!

In this special period of the national fight against the epidemic, too many powerful women have stood up from us. Women also hold up half the sky. No matter in the enterprise or in the society, each of her and each different role is like a little light, gathering and growing in the dark, turning into a kindling, silently lighting up the whole starry sky.

Cherish the women who "fight" side by side, they are the retrograde of the new era, they are the most beautiful goddess! In this day that belongs to them, let's sincerely say: Happy holidays!

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