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Classification and characteristics of steel crawler chassis

Everybody knowscrawler chassisThere are often two different types, namely, steel track chassis and rubber track chassis, they are used in the process of operation principle is basically the same. In the process of working, the equipment uses the top of the boom to add a pair of secondary arms, then the secondary arms will form a certain angle with the moving wall, and then different systems are used to improve the structural strength of the steel crawler chassis through some performance and basic structure through the low-speed hydraulic motor walking reducer equipped inside, and then bending processing is adopted to make some accessories such as the roller guide wheel of the machine use bearings, and by adding butter lubrication, it can make the steel crawler chassis in the process of use without excessive maintenance and maintenance. At the same time, it also adopts a closed structure at the end of the refueling shaft to prevent some external muddy water from entering the steel crawler chassis. Next, the editor will introduce it to you.Steel crawler chassisThe structural characteristics.



There isSteel crawler chassisThe existence of the host can well withstand the entire weight of the host, and at the same time has some basic functions that can move forward and backward or even turn and walk normally. The steel crawler chassis adopts a more advanced construction machinery structure. Its load-bearing capacity is relatively good, and the traction is relatively large. The noise generated during the operation is extremely low, and it is not easy to damage the asphalt road. Very smooth. Its interior contains a hidden low-speed motor walking reducer, so that the efficiency is relatively high when passing, and the strength and rigidity of the underframe structure of the steel crawler chassis are relatively large.



Because there is also a hidden low-speed motor walking reducer inside, so in the process of walking through the efficiency is relatively high, and its shaft end also uses a double-sealed structure to ensure that the internal lubricating oil will not leak out, so it can also prevent some external debris from entering the equipment, hindering the normal operation of the equipment. The support wheel and the driving wheel are made of alloy steel, and have undergone strict quenching treatment inside the factory, so these accessories have better wear resistance, which can prolong the service life of the equipment.Steel crawler chassisThe spring tensioning mechanism is often used to adjust the screw, so the reliability is very strong.

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