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What is the structure of the steel crawler chassis?

Generally speaking,Steel crawler chassisIt is widely used in tractors, construction machinery and other vehicles working in the field. Because the walking conditions are often harsh, the general steel crawler chassis has sufficient strength, and the equipment is walking and steering at the same time. It is relatively smooth, and the steel crawler chassis often directly contacts the ground, but its driving wheels will not contact the ground. When the motor drives the driving wheel to rotate, the driving wheel will be under the action of the reducer, through the track chain on its surface and the core connected by gears, through continuous operation to make the track rotate from the rear, and the ground The part of the steel crawler chassis will give the ground a backward force. At this time, the ground will also give the aluminum belt a forward reaction force. With this reaction force, it will be able to push the equipment forward. Next, the editor will talk to you about the steel crawler chassis. What is its internal structure like?




The steel track chassis is often driven by automatic wheels, and at the same time it also surrounds a flexible chain ring of the load wheel, the driving wheel, the drag wheel, and the inducer,Steel crawler chassisThe track in the track is composed of track pins and track shoes. Each track shoe is connected to form a ring. There are some small holes at both ends of the track shoe, so that it can fully mesh with the driving wheel. There are also inducing teeth in the middle to correct the positive crawler, and to prevent the crawler from falling off during walking or collision of the crawler chassis, and the end in contact with the ground often adopts a reinforced pattern to improve the adhesion between the sturdiness of the steel crawler chassis and the ground.




InSteel crawler chassisIn the process of mechanical operation, the driving wheel is often arranged behind the equipment, which can shorten the length of the steel crawler chassis driving the drive, reduce the wear and loss caused, and extend the service life of the equipment. And this design can avoid the lower part of the track arch, the risk of falling off, improve the efficiency of the walking system. The role of the steel crawler chassis is to support the crawler to prevent the crawler from suddenly sagging and jumping. The tensioning device also contained in its interior mainly controls the tensioning function of the crawler, so the buffer spring in the device must have a certain amount of preload, so that the steel crawler chassis has a certain tension.

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