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Suggestions on the improvement of rubber track shoes suitable for construction machinery

Rubber track shoe is a commonly used track shoe, which can be widely used in various vibration reduction places, especially in construction machinery. With the continuous development of highway construction, mining and military technology,Rubber track shoeIt is widely used on the walking track of tracked vehicles. The safety and comfort of tracked vehicles and the economy of track shoes put forward higher requirements for rubber track shoes. In the running track of a tracked vehicle, there is a need for a rubber track shoe that is easy to install, safe and comfortable, has little damage to the road surface, and has a long service life. However, the existing rubber track shoes cannot meet the above requirements, and it is necessary to improve them.


In order to overcome the shortcomings of the existing technology, extended.Rubber track shoeThe service life. Therefore, the technical personnel developed a rubber track shoe, which is the rubber track shoe to be introduced in this article. The product includes a metal plate, a rubber body coupled to a first side of the metal plate, a rubber pad coupled to a second side of the metal plate remote from the rubber body, and a bolt having a first end coupled to the metal plate and a second end extending toward the second side of the metal plate and through the rubber pad. The rubber body and the rubber pad are integrally formed and wrapped on the outside of the metal plate. The metal plate includes a plurality of reinforcing ribs arranged in parallel, and each reinforcing rib extends in the extending direction of the rubber track shoe. The two ends of the reinforcing rib extending in the extension direction of the rubber track shoe are respectively provided with step parts; the bolts are arranged in one-to-one correspondence with the step parts, the first end of the bolt is fixedly arranged on the step part, and the second end of the bolt passes through the reinforcing rib and the rubber pad And extend outward. The rubber body is provided with an interlining cloth parallel to the metal plate. The interlining cloth is multi-layer, and each layer of interlining cloth is arranged in the rubber body in parallel. The distance between adjacent linings is equal or unequal, and the distance is 4-10mm. The metal plate and the rubber body, the metal plate and the rubber pad, the interlining cloth and the rubber body are connected by thermal vulcanization. At the same time, the technical personnel also provides a construction machine including the rubber track shoe, which is mostly an agricultural machinery vehicle, a mining machine, a tank or an armored vehicle.

This paper introducesRubber track shoeThe advantage is that by setting the metal plate, the strength, compression resistance and impact resistance of the track shoe are increased, thereby improving the safety of the track shoe. At the same time, the rubber pad is arranged on the side where the rubber track shoe is matched with the construction machinery. The elasticity of the rubber material is used to improve the installation stability of the parts, and the wear resistance of the rubber material is used to reduce the degree of wear between the parts, thereby extending the service life.

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