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What are rubber track shoes? What are the uses and advantages?

  Rubber track shoeIt is composed of rubber body, steel pipe, inclined end splint and L-shaped end splint. The strip rubber body is wrapped outside the steel pipe passing through the rubber body. The upper part of one end of the rubber body is inclined, and the upper part of the other end is "L" shaped. The inclined end clamping plate is bolted to the steel pipe at the inclined end of the rubber body, and the L-shaped end clamping plate is directly connected to the steel pipe by welding to the crawler plate at the L-shaped end of the rubber body.

In countries with developed highways, especially the United States, rubber track shoes have been widely used for a long time. Take the double-pin single-plate crawler commonly used in the United States as an example. This crawler is formed as follows: first, a metal plate is connected with two pipes to form a metal frame; Then cover all the sides of the frame with rubber, insert the pin with rubber ring or rubber sleeve into the two pipe holes, and fasten the pin with the end connector. If it is two plates, connect them with an intermediate connector. In this case, the torsion between adjacent track shoes and the torsion between the pin and the track shoe body is offset by the torsion of the rubber bushing. The advantage of this rubber track shoe is that it has low noise and can prevent road damage; the disadvantage is that when used in high temperature desert areas, the rubber part is easy to soften and fall off, and when used in rock areas, it is easy to break, so the performance is poor.


In this type of track, there is also a reinforced rubber track shoe. At present, there are few vehicles using this kind of track, but it still has some use value. This kindRubber track shoeIt is not entirely made of rubber, but is lined with wire rope and fiber cloth strips to support the tension required by the track, so it is not easy to break. The inner side of the track, that is, the surface in contact with the load-bearing wheel, is reinforced with metal transverse reinforcing ribs to play the role of intermediate inducing teeth. There are rubber pads, herringman ribs, and wedges outside the crawler, which are fixed relative to the metal transverse reinforcement ribs, so it does not look thin, but it is not as good as ordinary metal crawlers. At present, it is only used on auxiliary vehicles under 10 tons. Rubber track shoes have the advantages of light weight, low rotation resistance, smoothness and low noise, but their strength is very limited and they are particularly vulnerable to damage.

Rubber track shoes are more suitable for small light industry and small construction machinery industry, the use of the working environment:

1. The working temperature of rubber track shoes is generally between -25 and 55 °;

2. The salt of chemicals, engine oil and sea water will accelerate the aging of the track. After use in this environment, the rubber track shoes should be cleaned;

3. Curbs, ruts or uneven roads can causeRubber track shoeCracks appear in the pattern on the grounding side of the track edge. If the cracks do not damage the iron parts of the internal steel pipe, it can continue to be used.

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