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Inventory of rubber track shoes related information.

Speaking of rubber track shoes, most of my friends may not be very familiar with it, and some even feel strange. In fact, this product is also very useful. It will be seen in many places. In order to allow more people to use it, the next editor will tell you about it.Rubber track shoeIf you are also interested in some relevant information, let's have a look.

We can't see what kind of product the rubber track shoe is from its name. We don't have to worry. You will know it after explaining it here today. The rubber track shoe is mainly composed of rubber body, steel pipe, inclined surface end clamping plate and L-shaped end clamping plate. Its long strip rubber body is wrapped around the steel pipe crossing the rubber body. The upper part of one end of the rubber body is inclined surface, while the upper part of the other end is L-shaped. The inclined surface end clamping plate is bolted to the steel pipe of the inclined surface of the rubber body, the L-shaped end clamping plate is directly connected with the steel pipe by welding outside the rubber L-shaped end track plate. This product is called rubber track block in some places, rubber track pad. If you see it, you must know that this is the same product. The use of rubber crawler shoes is also more, mainly used in excavators, bulldozers, crawler cranes and other equipment. Its nature is the construction machinery chassis parts, the material is mostly rubber. These are the basic information of rubber track shoes. If you need to order this product, you can directly call our phone to purchase it. As a rubber track shoe manufacturer, of course, the price will be more favorable, and the product quality is also guaranteed.




know what isRubber track shoeIn the future, let's take a look at the environment of this product. In fact, rubber track shoes are usually used in small light industry and small construction machinery industry. Its use temperature is generally between -25~55 degrees. If the rubber track shoe is in contact with chemicals, engine oil, salt in sea water, etc., it will accelerate the aging of the track. After use in such an environment, the track shoe should be washed.

In addition, if the rubber track shoe is used on the edge stone, rutting or uneven road surface of the road, it will cause cracks in the pattern on the grounding side of the track edge, which can continue to be used when the cracks do not damage the internal steel pipe iron parts. These are also to pay more attention to when using at ordinary times. AboutRubber track shoeIn fact, there are still many related knowledge points. Today, I will explain them to you one by one. If you want to know more, pay more attention to our website. Here, you are very welcome to call and consult some relevant information. We will serve you wholeheartedly all the time and provide high-quality after-sales service professionally.

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