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What is the difference between a rubber crawler chassis and a metal crawler chassis?

Rubber track chassis used in one ton to four tons of agricultural machinery, as well as small drilling industry. Because it has the advantages of low ground pressure, strong cross-country and low noise, its application range is becoming wider and wider.

The rubber track chassis is often used in the harsh walking environment, which requires it to have sufficient strength and rigidity, and has good travel and steering capabilities.rubber crawler chassisThe weight is pressed on the rubber track through the load-bearing wheel and then transmitted to the ground. When walking, the driving wheel continuously rolls up the track from the rear, and the roller wheel rolls forward on the upper surface of the track, so that the machine moves forward. Both tracks can be steered separately, allowing for a smaller turning radius.

The rubber track chassis also has "four-wheel belt" (driving wheel, roller, guide wheel, drag wheel and track), as well as tensioning device, buffer spring and walking mechanism, no more.

Rubber track chassis overcomes the shortcomings of wheeled chassis and metal track chassis, mainly reflected in:

(1) The grounding ratio is small and the passability is good, which can ensure the normal operation of the machinery in the wetland environment and expand the operating area of the machinery. At the same time, the degree of compaction of the soil is small, reducing the degree of damage to plant roots.

(2) The degree of damage to the ground is significantly lower than that of the metal crawler chassis. It will not cause ground damage when driving on the road, so there is no need for special transportation during the transition process, which simplifies the transportation method.


(3) The rubber track can absorb part of the vibration, so the vibration and noise generated during work are relatively small, which can extend the service life of the machine and reduce the fatigue of the driver

(4) The driving speed is higher than that of the metal crawler chassis. Generally, the speed of core iron vehicles can reach 15~20 km/h, while that of friction vehicles can reach 40~50 km/h.

(5) The components such as track shoes and track pins are omitted, which can not only reduce the dead weight and simplify the replacement process, but also reduce the power loss caused by internal friction.

(6) Compared with the wheeled chassis and the metal crawler chassis, the contact area with the ground is larger, which is conducive to obtaining greater traction.

  Rubber track chassis use note:

It can be used normally between -25~55 ℃. In contact with chemicals, oil, seawater environment after use to clean.

Sharp protrusions on the road (such as steel bars, stones, etc.) can cause trauma, so avoid them.

The edge stone, rutting or uneven road surface of the road will cause cracks in the tread pattern on the ground side of the track edge, which can continue to be used without damaging the steel cord.

Gravel and gravel pavement will cause early wear of the rubber surface in contact with the load-bearing wheel and form small cracks. In severe cases, moisture intrudes, causing core iron to fall off and steel wire to break.

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