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Structure and performance characteristics of steel crawler chassis

Generally speaking, steel crawler chassis is widely used in tractors, construction machinery and other field vehicles. Because walking conditions are often bad, soSteel crawler chassisIt has enough strength, and the equipment is stable when walking and turning at the same time. The steel track chassis is often in direct contact with the ground, but its drive wheels do not. When the motor drives the driving wheel to rotate, the driving wheel will, under the action of the reducer, through the crawler chain on its surface and the inner core connected with the gear, turn the crawler from the rear through continuous operation, and the grounding part of the steel crawler chassis will give The ground is a backward force. At this time, the ground will also give the aluminum belt a forward reaction force. With the presence of this reaction force, the device can be pushed forward.

The steel track chassis is usually driven by automatic wheels, and it also surrounds the flexible links of the load wheel, drive wheel, traction wheel and inducer. The tracks in the steel track chassis consist of track pins and track shoes. Each track shoe is connected into a ring, and the two ends of the track shoe have some small holes to fully engage the drive wheel. Among them, there are induced orthodontic tracks to prevent the track chassis from falling off when walking or bumping. Reinforcing patterns are often used at the end in contact with the ground to improve the firmness of the steel track chassis and the adhesion between the ground and the ground.


During the operation of steel crawler chassis machinery, the driving wheels are often arranged behind the equipment, which can shortenSteel crawler chassisThe length of the drive reduces wear and tear and extends the life of the equipment. In addition, this design can avoid the risk of arching and falling off the lower part of the track and improve the efficiency of the walking system. The role of the support pulley of the steel crawler chassis is to support the crawler and prevent the crawler from suddenly and excessively sagging, causing vibration and bounce. However, the internal tensioning device is mainly used to control the tensioning function of the crawler, so the buffer spring in the device must have a certain preload, so that the steel crawler chassis has a certain tension.

Steel crawler chassis is divided into rubber and steel. Of course, the principle of operation is the same. When the equipment is working, an auxiliary arm is installed on the top of the boom, and the auxiliary arm and the boom form a certain angle. The hoisting mechanism has two main and auxiliary hoisting systems. The main hoisting system is used to lift the boom, and the auxiliary hoisting system is used to lift the boom.

Then equipped with low-speed high-torque hydraulic motor walking reducer, through high performance. The basic mechanism is a "convex" walking frame with high structural strength and rigidity, which is then bent. Rollers, guide wheels and other accessories with deep groove ball bearings and grease lubrication, can avoid the use of maintenance and repair. The double sealing structure at the end of the refueling shaft can also prevent muddy water from entering the wheel cavity.

  Steel crawler chassisThe performance characteristics:

1. Support the weight of the host, with front and rear turning and walking functions.

2. The steel tracked vehicle is a construction machinery manufactured by advanced technology, with high carrying capacity and traction, low noise, no damage to asphalt pavement, and good driving performance.

3. Equipped with built-in low-speed high-torque motor walking reducer, high performance.

4. V-type walking frame structure of high strength and rigidity, using bending processing.

5. The rollers and guide wheels adopt deep groove ball bearings and are lubricated with butter at one time, which avoids maintenance and refueling during use.

6. The shaft end double sealing structure ensures that the lubricating oil seal does not leak and prevents muddy water from entering the wheel cavity.

Roller, guide wheel, driving wheel teeth are made of alloy steel quenching, good wear resistance, long service life.

8. Spring tensioning mechanism color screw adjustment, high reliability.

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