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What should be paid attention to in the daily maintenance of the steel crawler chassis?

  Steel crawler chassisIt is to replace the body part with a special crawler walking mechanism, and take effective measures to protect the ground adaptability.Steel crawler chassisIt can be used on flat roads or rugged terrain, and can also be equipped with various types of cars, trains and ships, which can widely meet the needs of various engineering construction projects and has high practical value. Steel crawler push shovel (referred to as: steel crawler) belongs to a new generation of products, it set pressure machinery and hydraulic transmission as a whole, the whole system is safe and stable, flexible operation, easy maintenance.

1. Steel track is composed of driving wheel and roller.

2. The roller wheels fix the steering axle to the connection between the front and rear frames through suspension pins.

3. The diameter of the output flange of the main reducer is as small as 80mm.

4, the configuration of double-sided guide plate to prevent mud splash, while playing a buffer role.


  What should be paid attention to in the daily maintenance of the steel crawler chassis?

1. It is recommended to carry out maintenance according to the maintenance plan;

2. Before the machine enters the factory, clean the machine equipment to make the machine clean when entering the factory;

3. Before the steel crawler chassis enters the warranty period, it is necessary to go through the formalities. Professionals are required to identify the equipment, check the status of the equipment, and check the technical status of the machine, so as to record the items that need to be repaired and make corresponding probabilities;

4. Make the equipment docking safe and reliable;

5. According to the maintenance items of the machine, arrange specialized personnel for maintenance and carefully select tools.

6. When disassembling the equipment, the disassembled parts should be put into a special basin and cleaned before use;

7. Do a good job in the identification of parts, so that technicians can identify the parts of the crawler chassis;

8. For newly purchased equipment accessories, quality problems should be distinguished from the appearance to ensure the quality of accessories;

9. For those in need of maintenanceSteel crawler chassis, The staff needs to carry out testing to ensure the quality of the parts.

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