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Environmental requirements for rubber crawler chassis

Environmental requirements for the use of rubber crawler chassis?

  rubber crawler chassisSuitable for small light industry and small construction machinery industry, light industry is generally one to four tons of agricultural machinery, construction machinery industry for small drilling industry.

The choice of rubber track chassis working environment can be summarized:

(1) The temperature of the rubber track used is usually between -25 and 55 degrees Celsius.

(2) Chemical experiments The salt content of drugs, engine oil, and seawater will accelerate the aging of the crawler chassis. In such an environment, the crawler should be cleaned after use.

(3) with sharp edges for pavementrubber crawler chassis(e. g., steel, stone, etc.) can cause trauma.


(4) The curb, rut or uneven road surface of the road will affect the pattern of the ground side of the track edge system and produce different cracks. This kind of crack can be used through continuous research without hurting the steel cord.

(5) The contact between the gravel and gravel pavement and the load-bearing wheel will cause early wear of the rubber surface and form small cracks. When heavy water invades, the iron core will fall off and the steel wire will break.

The chassis can be divided into rubber track chassis and wheeled chassis. Wheeled chassis is widely used, but its traction and adhesion performance is poor, and its application on slopes, stickiness, wet and sandy areas is limited. Although high-power wheeled tractors have the advantages of convenient wheelbase adjustment, long wheelbase, uniform mass distribution, pneumatic tires, good road profile, low vibration, fast transportation speed, high comprehensive utilization rate, etc., they are not suitable for low-humidity operations, moreover, high-power wheeled tractors imported from foreign advanced technologies have high prices and maintenance costs. The weight of high-power wheeled tractors is generally between 5500-8500kg, and the ground area is smaller than that of crawler tractors. Therefore, the ground pressure is large, and the soil is easy to harden, which is not conducive to soil water storage and crop growth. Even after deep ploughing, the soil is still loose and delicate, and the microstructure of the soil will be destroyed, low ground/ground ratio, good performance stability, compact structure, convenient operation, and good performance on slopes, clay, wetlands, and sand,rubber crawler chassisMore suitable for mountain terrain characteristics.

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