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How to choose a good rubber track shoe manufacturer?

At present, rubber track shoe manufacturers have sprung up, and to this trend,Rubber track shoeThe development of the industry is becoming more and more powerful, which makes people more hesitant when choosing, so how to choose a good rubber track shoe manufacturer?

  How to choose a good rubber track shoe manufacturer?

First of all, if you want to choose a good rubber track shoe manufacturer, you must look at whether the manufacturer's qualifications are complete. Qualification is particularly important in the industry. If a company does not have a qualification certificate, it means that the company cannot have enough The ability to complete this project, so the qualification of a company is a strong proof of the strength of a company.

Scientific and technological strength is the core strength of a company, and it is the absolute principle to speak with science and technology. If a company has strong technical strength, it can ensure the smooth completion of their various projects, so that customers can use it at ease and avoid later injuries. Therefore, technical strength is an important reason why customers are willing to choose a company. Furthermore, to choose a good rubber track shoe manufacturer, it is necessary to know whether the service is in place. In the industry, many companies may lack of service, many customers can't find someone to solve the problem and are disappointed again and again, so ensuring the customer's after-sales service is also an important criterion for choosing a good rubber track shoe manufacturer.


  Selection skills of rubber track shoes

1. bronze or brown color uniform and glossy, with medium hardness acid and alkali resistance. It can be used for punching various gaskets with better sealing performance required by acid and alkali resistance.

2. check the paint quality of the rubber sheet. Put the floor in the light to see if there are any bubbles, pockmarks and orange peel on the surface, and then see if the paint surface is rich, full and smooth. For example, the surface of the middle plate is plated with purple for sale as a high-pressure plate. Therefore, in addition to checking the appearance quality, the main determination of tensile strength-item can be purchased. Three 200mm x 20mm samples are taken in the transverse direction of the plate, and tested on a tensile machine to find out whether they are shoddy and cut corners.

To 3. the internal quality of the rubber sheet, first look at the material, which can be viewed by hand and eye. The rubber track shoe has excellent resistance to fuel oil and aromatic solvents, but it is not resistant to media such as ketones, esters and chlorinated hydrocarbons.

4. to see whether the structure of the rubber plate is symmetrical and balanced, from the two ends of the rubber plate section, whether it conforms to the principle of symmetrical balance, if the structure is stable.

5. to see whether the floor layer of the rubber plate is closely glued between the layers, and break it with both hands to see if there will be delamination. Silicone rubber has outstanding high and low temperature resistance, ozone resistance and weathering resistance. It can maintain its unique elasticity, ozone resistance and weather resistance within the working temperature range of 70°C and 260C.

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