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Structure and function of rubber track

Rubber tracks are mainly used for special occasions, such as tanks and armored vehicles when soldiers are fired to protect the ground! Rubber track walking system, low noise, small vibration, comfortable ride, especially suitable for high-speed transfer occasions, to achieve the whole road through performance. Advanced electrical instrumentation and machine condition monitoring system provide a reliable guarantee for the correct operation of the driver. In addition to the military, but also widely used in large machinery, such as excavators and other tracked vehicles, the function and role are the same. Let's look at the structure of the rubber track.

1, core gold. The core gold is the rubber track transmission bearing part, which plays the role of transmitting power and lateral support. It is mainly made of ductile iron, cast iron forged steel or aluminum alloy and alloy steel plate. Some tracks may be made of plastic. The design of the core body should ensure its bending resistance, shear resistance, torsion resistance, wear resistance and lateral support ability, and there will be no cracks or broken teeth during the working process of the track.

2, strong layer. The strong layer is the traction part and the longitudinal tension body of the rubber track, which bears the traction force and keeps the track pitch stable. The reinforcement layer is mainly made of galvanized steel wire, stainless steel wire, glass fiber, aramid or other high-strength, low-elongation synthetic fibers. The design of the strength layer should ensure the tensile strength of the track and keep the pitch stable.

3. Buffer layer. The buffer layer bears the strong vibration and impact of the track and the deformation caused by the radial, lateral and tangential forces during the operation of the track, protects the strong layer from external force damage, and prevents the strong layer from rubbing against the core metal. The buffer layer is mainly made of nylon cord and nylon canvas. The material selection and arrangement of the buffer layer should ensure that it can strengthen and protect the strong layer, and it should also have the ability to absorb impact to resist the external force on the belt body. And cutting damage.

4. Rubber parts. The rubber part of the rubber track includes tread rubber, base rubber, cord fabric, fabric rubber, tooth rubber and wheel rubber. Rubber provides the crawler with walking ability and overall cushioning, shock absorption, and noise reduction functions. The main materials are usually blended rubber or polyurethane elastomers:(1) pattern side rubber. The pattern side rubber can prevent the mechanical damage and early wear of the belt body, transmit the traction and braking force of the vehicle to the road surface, and absorb and transmit the vibration of the crawler during movement. (2) bottom glue. The primer is on the lower layer of the pattern side glue to buffer vibration and impact. During the use of the rubber track, the primer is repeatedly deformed and generates a lot of heat. Therefore, the primer should have low heat generation, high thermal conductivity, high elasticity and good bonding performance. (3) Cord fabric. The cord should have high elasticity and flexibility, good thermal conductivity and air tightness, excellent dynamic properties and heat resistance, and good adhesion to the skeleton material. The ply rubber should have excellent adhesion with the cord rubber and good calendering properties. (4) Tooth gel. The tooth gum should have high strength and rigidity, good bonding performance with the core gold and wheel side rubber, and good fluidity of the rubber during vulcanization. (5) Wheel rubber Wheel rubber should have good elasticity, tear resistance, aging resistance, flex resistance, resistance to compression deformation and resistance to dynamic fatigue.

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