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Introduction to the basics of rubber track

Rubber track is an endless belt made of rubber and metal or fiber material,It has the characteristics of large traction, low grounding pressure, low noise, low vibration, no damage to the road surface, good wetlands, fast speed, light weight, etc.,Can partially replace tires and steel tracks for construction machinery,Walking parts of agricultural machinery and transport vehicles. The rubber track expands the application range of crawler and wheeled mobile machinery, and overcomes the constraints of various unfavorable terrain on mechanical operations. Japan took the lead in the successful development of rubber track, Chinarubber aluminum stripThe development began in the last century.At the end of the 1980 s, mass production has been formed. The quality of rubber track in China is not much different from that of foreign products, and it also has a certain price advantage.

rubber track varieties:(1) The rubber track can be divided into gear type, wheel hole type and rubber tooth drive (coreless gold) type according to the driving mode. Wheeledrubber aluminum stripMetal transmission teeth are provided, and the transmission teeth are inserted into holes on the pulley to engage with the drive. tooth profilerubber aluminum stripA driving hole is provided on the driving wheel, and the transmission teeth on the driving wheel are inserted into the driving hole to make the crawler track move. tooth drivenrubber aluminum stripRubber bumps are used instead of metal transmission parts, and the inner surface of the track is in contact with the surface of the driving wheel for friction transmission. (2) Rubber tracks can be divided into rubber tracks for transportation vehicles, rubber tracks for construction machinery, rubber aluminum belts for agricultural machinery, rubber tracks for snowplows and rubber tracks for military vehicles.

Basic performance requirements of rubber track: The basic performance requirements of rubber track are traction, skid resistance, impact resistance and durability. The traction of rubber tracks is related to its tensile strength, shear strength, bandwidth, lateral stiffness, pitch and block height, and is also affected by road surface conditions and loads.1,Linear pattern and lateral elongated spacing patternrubber aluminum stripThe traction performance is better.2,The non-off-wheel characteristics mainly depend on the diameter of the driving wheel, the wheel arrangement and the track guide length,Dewheel often occurs between the drive wheel or tensioner and the runner,rubber aluminum stripLongitudinal flexibility, transverse stiffness, torsional stiffness, pitch and rim height also have an important impact on the wheel.3,Eliminating vibration source is an effective way to reduce vibration and noise,rubber aluminum stripThe vibration is related to the center of gravity position, runner configuration, pitch, rubber properties and block configuration.4,Durability is the ability of the rubber track to resist abrasion, cutting, piercing, cracking and chipping. The performance of the compound is an important factor affecting the durability of the tape.,Mixing rubber should not only have good dynamic properties,Physical properties and weathering resistance, but also have excellent adhesive properties. For some special purpose products, the rubber material should also have the functions of salt and alkali resistance, oil resistance, cold resistance, fire resistance and flame retardant.

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Rubber track is a kind of equipment that makes the machine more flexible

May 11,2023

Rubber tracks are a kind of transportation equipment based on rubber tires. They can provide machines with more flexible operation capabilities and can better adapt to changes in terrain, such as changes in slope and road surface. The rubber track has good wear resistance, tear resistance and oil resistance, which can effectively protect the traveling surface, improve the traveling quality, and effectively reduce the traveling noise of vehicles and mechanical equipment. In addition, the rubber chain belt is light in weight, which can effectively reduce the load of vehicles and mechanical equipment and improve travel efficiency.

What is the elasticity and impact resistance of rubber tracks?

May 11,2023

Rubber track is a kind of building material, made of rubber belt, the two structural parts fixed together, that is, rubber track all the elastic and impact resistance of the combination. Rubber track is a transmission device used for vehicles and mechanical equipment to travel and transfer loads. Because it is made of rubber material and has abrasion resistance, tear resistance and oil resistance, it has been widely used.

What do you need to pay attention to during the use of rubber tracks?

May 11,2023

Rubber track is a kind of conveyor belt made of rubber technology, which can transport objects to the designated place. It is made of rubber, has anti-aging and wear resistance, can resist harsh environmental conditions, and has good corrosion resistance in special working environment. Rubber track, also known as rubber belt transmission, is a kind of coupling device that transmits mechanical energy to the surface of a moving object, and then pulls or pushes the moving object. It is an important product in the development history of transmission machinery, and is widely used in all walks of life. Its appearance has changed the development trend of transmission machinery, and it is an important part of transmission machinery.

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The application range of rubber block is very wide, we must know the use of rubber block before use. If you are interested in this topic, then take a look at it together, hoping to help some relevant people.