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Analysis of the causes of rubber track damage

Rubber track is an annular belt made of rubber and metal or fiber materials. It has the characteristics of large traction, low ground pressure, low noise, low vibration, no damage to the road surface, good wet passability, high speed, and light weight. It can be used in parts. Replacing tires and steel tracks, used for walking parts of construction machinery, agricultural machinery and transportation vehicles. The rubber track expands the application range of crawler and wheeled mobile machinery, and overcomes the constraints of various unfavorable terrain on mechanical operations. Japan took the lead in developing rubber track, and the development of rubber track in China began in the late 1980 s and has now formed mass production. The quality of rubber track in China is not much different from that of foreign products, and it also has a certain price advantage.

Rubber tracks are mainly used for special occasions, such as tanks and armored vehicles when soldiers are fired to protect the ground! Rubber track walking system, low noise, small vibration, comfortable ride, especially suitable for high-speed transfer occasions, to achieve the whole road through performance. Advanced electrical instrumentation and machine condition monitoring system provide a reliable guarantee for the correct operation of the driver. In addition to the military, but also widely used in large machinery, such as excavators and other tracked vehicles, the function and role are the same.

When we are working, we will inevitably encounter the failure of rubber track. The rubber track is composed of chain links, chain sleeves, track pins, track shoes and track shoe bolts. In addition to manufacturing quality, the service life of the track is mainly related to the operation and use of the driver. Correct operation will extend the service life of the track and reduce Construction costs. So what is the reason why the track is damaged in use?

The stones in the 1. rubber tracks were not removed in time. During the construction process of the excavator, the soil or gravel will roll into the track with the rotation of the track, and be squeezed between the guide wheel, the driving wheel and the track, so that the track becomes longer. When the squeezing force in the track exceeds the carrying capacity of the chain rail, the chain rail breaks. If dirt or gravel rolls into the chain rails, the guide wheels and support wheels are not controlled by the chain rails, and the soap becomes a crawler. At this time, if the driver does not loosen the tension cylinder of the track, but forcibly derails the track, the track is easy to break, and at the same time, it will accelerate the wear of the track and the four wheels.

Improper choice of 2. walking path. Earthwork construction roads and sites are uneven. If the driver does not choose a better walking route when moving the excavator, when the track is pressed on the protruding part of the road, a certain point of the track bears the weight of the machine; a serious violation of safety operating regulations, often on the road with a slope of more than 30 degrees Walking. When the machine cannot climb, insert the bucket into the soil and use the telescopic force of the arm cylinder to climb. The above methods are easy to damage and strain the track.

The 3. apron is uneven. The excavator is in a "three-legged" state and violates the safety operation regulations. Especially when excavating on the rock after blasting, due to the different sizes of stone particles, the apron is not easy to level off, resulting in uneven stress on the excavator crawler. The rubber track of the excavator is squeezed between the bracket and the stone. When the excavator rotates, the weight of the whole machine is almost all concentrated on one side of the track, and the track is torn or broken due to stress concentration.

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