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Explain the advantages of rubber block?

The application range of rubber block is very wide, we must know the advantages of rubber block before use, so that we can better apply it. If you are interested in this topic, then take a look at it together, hoping to help some relevant people.

Rubber block is widely used in various industries, so its use is certainly very extensive. In fact, this simple, high internal resistance of the rubber block, the sudden impact and high frequency vibration has a good absorption effect. It is still fully capable of withstanding multidirectional loads. Advantages of elasticity. It is easy to install and disassemble, which is conducive to maintenance and maintenance. Its internal friction damping is much larger than that of the metal spring, so when starting and stopping and passing through the resonance zone, the vibration amplitude is much smaller than that of the spiral spring vibrating screen machine, so the near-resonance vibrating screen uses a rubber block, but it consumes a lot of energy. The rubber block also has unique viscoelasticity, large damping coefficient, easy manufacture, good shock absorption effect, good sound insulation and noise reduction performance; the frequency range is generally 5-15hz. In fact, with this product, it can not only prevent radial vibration, but also prevent lateral vibration and rotational vibration. The same vulcanized rubber shock absorber has different bending stiffness in three directions and rotation direction. Now its internal damping coefficient is much larger than that of metal materials, and it has a good practical effect on high-frequency vibration and sound absorption. The damping coefficient is 0.05-0.23, because the vulcanized rubber is easy to shape and can be firmly combined with metal materials.

We should pay attention to the use of rubber block when it is vulnerable to high temperature oil, sun and chemical erosion, resulting in performance degradation and embrittlement. The general service life is 5-10 years and should be maintained and replaced regularly. The compressive ability is weak, the characteristics are not fixed, and the application period is short. Another important point is that the rubber block is ultra-low temperature and low resistance. In general, the large value of the rubber shock absorber is 70°C, and the lower limit is 0°C. The special rubber cushion can reach the low temperature limit of -50°C. The wear resistance is poor, and some models of rubber pads are easily embrittled in the air, especially under direct sunlight. Therefore, during the production process of the rubber block, it is difficult to avoid some characteristic differences and ensure the consistency of the load. Slack may occur under heavy loads for a long time. In short, it is a narrow rubber shock absorber that supports various equipment; used as a mechanical actuator; or also used as a dynamic shock absorber to eliminate vibration at a specific vibration frequency. In the company's official website above, but also contains a lot of information about the product as well as the purchase of tips and so on.

After the introduction of the above contents, we have also understood the advantages of rubber blocks. Other knowledge points will continue to be updated in the next period. If you have time, please remember to come and watch. There are customer service personnel to receive you 24 hours a day. Over the years, the company has been committed to the expansion and development of domestic and foreign markets, using online Internet e-commerce platform and offline physical sales to go hand in hand.

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The application range of rubber block is very wide, we must know the use of rubber block before use. If you are interested in this topic, then take a look at it together, hoping to help some relevant people.