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Structure and performance characteristics of crawler chassis

The crawler chassis is more suitable for small light industry and small construction machinery industry. Light industry generally refers to agricultural machinery within one to four tons. The construction machinery industry is mostly used in the small drilling industry.

1, can support the host weight, can realize forward, backward, turning, walking and other functions.

2. Most of the crawler chassis adopts the construction machinery type produced by Japanese technology, which can increase the carrying capacity and traction, has low noise, does not damage the asphalt pavement, and has good driving performance.

3. Built-in low-speed high-torque motor walking reducer, high performance.

4. The supporting wheel and guide wheel adopt deep groove ball bearings, which can be lubricated at one time, eliminating the trouble of maintenance and oiling in the middle of use.

5. The double sealing structure at the shaft end ensures that the lubricating oil is sealed and can effectively prevent muddy water from entering the wheel cavity.

6, reasonable material selection, alloy steel and quenching treatment, so that the guide wheel and driving gear teeth have good wear resistance, longer service life. The spring tensioning mechanism adopts color screw adjustment, which has high reliability. Multi-section assembly truss structure. After adjusting the number of sections, you can change the length.

The slewing bearing installed on the chassis can transfer all the weight of the turntable to the chassis, and is equipped with a power device, transmission system, winch, control mechanism, counterweight and hangar. The power device rotates the turntable by 360 ° through the turning mechanism. The slewing bearing is composed of upper and lower rolling plates and rolling parts between them, which can transfer all the weight on the turntable to the chassis to ensure the turntable to rotate freely. So as to ensure the normal operation and operation of the equipment.

The size of the wind resistance is mainly related to the windward area of the vehicle, the filling rate of the structure and the wind speed. For medium and large tracked engineering vehicles, due to the relatively large traction, the wind resistance is generally very small, accounting for only about 0.1 percent of the traction, so the wind resistance can only be used as a reference factor.

Inertial resistance is the walking resistance caused by the acceleration of the vehicle when it starts. Its magnitude is mainly related to its own weight and starting acceleration, and is proportional to it. For some engineering vehicles that travel at a slow speed and do not need to start quickly, this coefficient can also be used as a reference coefficient only.

Therefore, in the design of crawler chassis, should be based on the specific conditions, fully consider all kinds of resistance, detailed, careful calculation, in order to design a reasonable transmission mechanism, select the appropriate walking reducer.

Crawler chassis is mainly used for special occasions, such as tanks, armored vehicles, etc., so what are its advantages? With the ability to protect the ground, rubber crawler walking system, low noise, low vibration, comfortable ride, especially suitable for high-speed driving occasions to transfer, to achieve the whole road overtaking performance. Reliable electrical instrumentation and machine condition monitoring systems provide a reliable guarantee for the correct operation of the drive.

In addition to the military, but also widely used in large machinery, such as excavators and other tracked vehicles, have the same function and role. In addition, the tracked chassis is generally a heavy armored vehicle or tank, which consumes a lot of fuel, relies heavily on logistics, and has better passing performance than wheeled vehicles. High requirements for air transport, must be carried by heavy transport aircraft.

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