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Rubber track is a kind of equipment that makes the machine more flexible

May 11,2023

Rubber tracks are a kind of transportation equipment based on rubber tires. They can provide machines with more flexible operation capabilities and can better adapt to changes in terrain, such as changes in slope and road surface. The rubber track has good wear resistance, tear resistance and oil resistance, which can effectively protect the traveling surface, improve the traveling quality, and effectively reduce the traveling noise of vehicles and mechanical equipment. In addition, the rubber chain belt is light in weight, which can effectively reduce the load of vehicles and mechanical equipment and improve travel efficiency.

What is the elasticity and impact resistance of rubber tracks?

May 11,2023

Rubber track is a kind of building material, made of rubber belt, the two structural parts fixed together, that is, rubber track all the elastic and impact resistance of the combination. Rubber track is a transmission device used for vehicles and mechanical equipment to travel and transfer loads. Because it is made of rubber material and has abrasion resistance, tear resistance and oil resistance, it has been widely used.

What do you need to pay attention to during the use of rubber tracks?

May 11,2023

Rubber track is a kind of conveyor belt made of rubber technology, which can transport objects to the designated place. It is made of rubber, has anti-aging and wear resistance, can resist harsh environmental conditions, and has good corrosion resistance in special working environment. Rubber track, also known as rubber belt transmission, is a kind of coupling device that transmits mechanical energy to the surface of a moving object, and then pulls or pushes the moving object. It is an important product in the development history of transmission machinery, and is widely used in all walks of life. Its appearance has changed the development trend of transmission machinery, and it is an important part of transmission machinery.

Detailed explanation of the use of rubber block?

Feb 08,2023

The application range of rubber block is very wide, we must know the use of rubber block before use. If you are interested in this topic, then take a look at it together, hoping to help some relevant people.

Structure and performance characteristics of crawler chassis

Jan 31,2023

The crawler chassis is more suitable for small light industry and small construction machinery industry. Light industry generally refers to agricultural machinery within one to four tons. The construction machinery industry is mostly used in the small drilling industry. 1, can support the host weight, can realize forward, backward, turning, walking and other functions.

Crawler chassis design points to share

Jan 28,2023

There are many factors that affect the crawler chassis of engineering drilling rigs. If the consideration is not reasonable, the design is not reasonable, there will be difficult to walk, steering difficulties, poor acceleration performance and other issues, affecting the performance of the crawler chassis generally have the following points.

Introduction to the advantages of rubber track chassis

Jan 09,2023

The ground area of the crawler chassis is larger than that of the wheel type, so the pressure is small when landing; in addition, it has strong adhesion to the road surface and can provide greater driving force. The crawler chassis wraps the circular circulating track on the outside of the driving wheel and a series of rollers, so that the wheels do not directly contact the ground, but act on the ground through the circulating track, and then drive the crawler to realize the movement of the wheels on the track through the driving wheel. At the same time of relative rolling, repeatedly laying forward on the ground, so as to drive the chassis movement.

Explain the advantages of rubber block?

Dec 30,2022

The application range of rubber block is very wide, we must know the advantages of rubber block before use, so that we can better apply it. If you are interested in this topic, then take a look at it together, hoping to help some relevant people.

The use of rubber block of relevant knowledge points?

Dec 20,2022

The development prospect of the rubber block industry is very good, because it brings more benefits to the enterprise when it is used, so it is favored by customers. In order to let everyone know more, then we will talk about the relevant knowledge points of the rubber block, hoping to bring help to more people.

Analysis of the causes of rubber track damage

Dec 12,2022

Rubber track is an annular belt made of rubber and metal or fiber materials. It has the characteristics of large traction, low ground pressure, low noise, low vibration, no damage to the road surface, good wet passability, high speed, and light weight. It can be used in parts. Replacing tires and steel tracks, used for walking parts of construction machinery, agricultural machinery and transportation vehicles. The rubber track expands the application range of crawler and wheeled mobile machinery, and overcomes the constraints of various unfavorable terrain on mechanical operations. Japan took the lead in developing rubber track, and the development of rubber track in China began in the late 1980 s and has now formed mass production. The quality of rubber track in China is poor compared with that of foreign products.

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