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Rubber track shoe, rubber track chassis, steel track chassis, rubber track, rubber block, track chassis


Our advantage

1) A variety of walking motors and accessories for customers to choose for reference;

2) Advanced processes and software analyze all structures to develop a chassis that can cope with the most demanding operating environments;

3) Experienced technicians and front-line salesmen participate in the selection work, which greatly shortens the selection time of customers and accurately finds the real needs of customers;

4) There is a special quality department, and each process must be strictly inspected, so that unqualified products will never enter the next link to ensure that the products are qualified;

5) always pay attention to customer demand and market dynamics, to provide customers with more competitive products;

6) Transparent cost accounting, so that customers can consume clearly;

7) Adequate supply of accessories to quickly solve product failures;

8) regular products 7~10 days supply;

9) production progress at a glance.