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Component parts

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Features of Rubber Crawler Chassis:

·Small damage to pavements

·Low noise

·High running speed

·Small vibration

·Low ground pressure

·Large traction

·Light machine weight


Ravel Motor

Customers can select appropriate travel motor according to the working condition of the whole machine.

Cycloidal Motor +Planetary Reducer: it is suitable for driving small-tonnage equipment, and is the most economic and most reliable solution of light-load equipment at present.

Domestic Quantitative Plunger Running Motor: it is composed of a valve group with a braking function, a plunger motor, a brake and a two-stage planetary reducer, and features high working and starting efficiency and reliable work. Its output is a rotating shell. It can be directly connected with a wheel or crawler drive chain wheel. Due to small axial dimensions, it can be hidden in the wheel or crawler, which improves the passing ability of the whole running machine and makes the whole machine have compact structure and attractive appearance.

Imported Two-speed Running Motor: it is integrated with a safety valve, an oil supplement valve and a built-in parking brake, and features high and low speeds and compact structure.

Rubber track undercarriage

It adopts a single winding non-lap-joint annular steel cord structure, and features high tensile strength, low elongation, good slip resistance and more stable pitch.

Driving Wheel

It is made of alloy steel, and undergoes quenching treatment to ensure its wear resistance and greatly prolong its service life.

Guide Wheel

Special heat treatment process makes it have longer service life, bear heavy load to the greatest extent and prevent fracture.

Supporting Wheel

Biconical seal and lifelong lubrication design make the supporting wheel have long life and perfect usability under any condition.

Bearing Chain Wheel

Biconical seal and lifelong lubrication design make it free of oil addition and maintenance during use.

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